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5 Shopping Boosters
and 5 Admin Perks
in Version 11.2

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ECi will load the maintenance release Version 11.2 live on ECinteractive® and is.D-Force® 2 Web servers this weekend.

This software update is scheduled between 9 PM CST Saturday, March 10, and 6 AM CST Sunday, March 11, 2012.

Since this falls within ECi's Standard Weekly Data Center Maintenance timeframe, no changes are required to Site Maintenance schedules. More »

This release includes five enhancements that improve the branding, usability, and competitive edge of your shopping site, and five enhancements that make it easier than ever to manage content and transactions using your Admin Control Panel.

The links below point to this release's illustrated documentation, "ECinteractive and is.D-Force 2: Administrative Site: Version 11.2.0 (pdf)":

1. Point our Home, About, and Contact navigation links to your site

A new Site Links page on your Admin Control Panel lets you customize the Home, About Us, and Contact Us links in your shopping site. Specify an external web address for your own site. Our built-in validation will check to ensure it is a fully qualified URL. It's one more way to enhance your brand! More »

2. Cross reference competitor SKUs in United Smart Search

What if your shoppers enter an item number from other wholesalers (S.P. Richards, LaGasse) or big box stores? Now, United Smart Search will match items in their catalog or contract — even augmented items. Shoppers get the results they want, no matter where they ordered before! More »

3. Simplify your customers' payables with line item cost center codes

Some customers need to match line items to their own cost center codes. Let them enter accounting codes online, inactivate old codes, sync with DDMS 10.3+ for display on packing slips, and pick an item's code at QuickOrder, Cart, Checkout, and Approval. Increase your customer retention and competitive edge! More »

4. HP Product Pulse items launch Product Tours on standard search sites

If you use Standard Search on your site, the item detail and cart item rows for selected printers and supplies display a Product Tour icon to launch 3D product demos, informative product videos, white papers, and more. It's one more way we're integrating with manufacturers to enhance the shopping experience! More »

5. Cancel a scheduled eContent Import sync at your convenience

eContent Import now allows you to cancel a scheduled synchronization, using the new Cancel button on the Admin Account Management Sync Schedule tab. Make changes to custom catalog data at the last minute! More »

6. Get a streamlined view of Microsite and eProcurement activity

In your Admin Control Panel, the External Partner Log can fill up with eProcurement and microsite transactions. We've implemented dynamic pagination, which results in a significant improvement in its performance and usefulness. Enhancing this log boosts responsiveness for all sites! More »

7. Track the status and errors of eProcurement purchase orders

A new eProcurement Purchase Order Management page on our Admin Control Panel gives you easy access to an eProcurement order's status, contact information, billing and shipping addresses, line items, license, XML, logs, and resubmit options. Tracking eProcurement orders is easier than ever! More »

8. Track the routing of eProcurement transactions

A new eProcurement Routing Log page on our Admin Control Panel gives you easy access to each eProcurement license's record of transaction events, timestamps, statuses, and XML details. Tracking eProcurement routing is easier than ever! More »

9. Track the status and errors of eProcurement purchase orders

A new eProcurement Purchase Order Management page on our Admin Control Panel gives you easy access to order status, contact information, billing and shipping addresses, line items, license, XML and log details. Tracking eProcurement data is easier than ever! More »

10. Manage Customers with More Readable Fields

We enhanced the readability of the Edit Customer Information page of Customer Management in the Admin Control Panel. The font size was increased to the same size we use throughout both admin and shopping sites for customer data.

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Other changes in this release

  • 13515 Corrected issues associated with shoppers who are locked to a contract laundry list. This problem happened when building the Custom Catalog Index file.
  • 14265 Corrected so Green Mountain items from the Green Mountain catalog properly display when using S.P. Richards Enhanced content. Previously this item information would not display on the Web Specials or Shopping Cart pages.
  • 14420  Corrected to display the item's image when using the United SmartSearch feature. UEC Smart Search results that display dealer custom items will display the default "No Image Available" image in search results pages for many items. On these dealer custom items, valid thumbnail images have been loaded. When Standard content is active on this site, the valid thumbnail image is displayed in search results. Previously, dealer custom items displayed the text No Image Available on search results.
  • 14437 Corrected so eProcurement users see favorites list names on the My Favorites page as well as Dealer Admin Favorites Lists.
  • 14545 Corrected the shopping cart page to display the dealer-customized Merchandising Product icon. Previously this icon only appeared on search results, product details, and favorites lists.

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